Adjust Closet Mirror Sliding Doors

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Closet mirror sliding doors save space and makes your room look bigger. An aluminum track has a pair of brackets for each door that allow the doors to open. These suspensions sometimes loosen and require adjustment. The process is simple and requires very few tools. Adjusting a mirror sliding door takes a little more care than a normal door, since you do not want to scratch or break the mirrors on the door. You should also take into account the additional weight of the mirrors that adjustments are made.

Remove any object in the path of the closet mirror sliding doors. Aspirate or sweep the area, taking care to clean the plastic floor guide on the floor. If there is something that should be used, it can affect the way the mirror sliding door works. Slide the mirror doors to the side. Tighten the screws that hold the rail in place to the cabinet head. If they are loose, they can interfere with the operation of the door. Then slide the doors to the other side of the opening and tighten the screws on the side of the railing.

Ideas for adjust closet mirror sliding doors, close the doors to see if they are plumb, or up and down. They must go all the way to the jamb of the door on both sides. If they do not, use an adjustable wrench or screwdriver to raise or lower the door adjustment mechanism. These devices are located on the hangers that suspend the door of the rails. Remove the floor guide, using a screwdriver. Then pull the front track door towards you and your track takes off. You may need to release a mechanism to release it. Place the door on a pair of easels. Cut a small amount from the bottom of the door if it is sticking, using a circular saw.