All About Built In Closet Organizer

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Think of a built in closet organizer. In this case, it is key that you identify the amount of long clothes (such as dresses, coats, etc.) and the type of short clothes. For longs it is convenient to use bars. You can buy them in a long standard and then cut them to size. Those will go in the highest area of ​​the closet.

Save shoes in boxes: This type of furniture, which are now very fashionable, are ideal for optimizing built in closet organizer spaces. In addition to serving to sit, serve to keep any type of objects. Before buying them, measure the spaces of the drawers or shelves. It is not about being an engineer, but having clear dimensions is crucial.

If for example, you think about built in closet organizer hangers, it is best that they are all the same. For example, buy 10 flat hangers that 2 or 3 hangers of one type and others of another. It is also important that each accessory is not too big. If you load it a lot, it will be harder for you to find what you are looking for and you will mess up faster. Remember that the more visible the contents of your cupboards, the easier it will be to maintain order.