Barn Closet Doors: It’s Unique!

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Would you dare with a dressing that disappears? Yes, as you read it. Well, in reality, the wardrobe is still there but it deceives the eye thanks to the sliding barn closet doors cover in mirrors. Its unique location in a corner leads to a very original dressing design. That only attests to its presence when the doors are open. Inside are arrange different modules and elements to keep everything perfectly organized.

This is seen when the barn closet doors are close. A panoramic view that allows you to appreciate the subtlety of its integration in the decorative project of the bedroom. The choice of mirrors also serves to make the space seem larger. Something very much appreciated when we talk about small rooms.

This other barn closet doors design is perfectly adapted to the particular characteristics of the wall. The wardrobe covers it completely respecting the curved lines of it. Its bicolor appearance arranged in horizontal stripes enhances the sinuosity of the surface that, on the other hand, is perceived as an original element and full of charm. At first glance it looks like a resource similar to a wall that serves to delimit spaces but, in reality, what you see is a spectacular wardrobe of modern and unique design.