Beautiful Boot Organizer for Closet

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We are going to tell you how to get the perfect boot organizer for closet in the easiest, cheapest and most comfortable way possible. Clutter is over! Ready? As we know that each house is a world, and each person has the tendency to use one type or another of shoes, we are going to give you several options to create your shoe organizer. For example, if you have a collection of hyper bonded lounge shoes, you can use them to decorate while storing them.

However, if you are more of hiking boots … it will be better to keep your shoes in a more discreet place, do not you think? In stores like IKEA you will find really practical modules (like the one in the photo) to hang on the wall and use as a shelf for the most beautiful boot organizer for closet in your collection. However, you can also try to do it more economically with your own hands.

You only need some boards cut to size and hang them as shelves in the corner that you have chosen for it. Original, fun and very easy! So is this boot organizer for closet built by recycling an old cardboard box. The idea is to make small triangular sections with cardboard to form a kind of shelf where we can put, in each section, a pair of shoes. Do not you think it’s great?