Best Ideas Hanging Shoe Organizer for Closet

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Hanging shoe organizer for closet – A hanging shoe is a great way to organize shoes. This hanging shoes lifts the shoes off the floor and stays matched together. You can place the grid on the back of a closet door or on a cabinet wall. Read on to learn how to build a hanging shoe rack. Measure the area for the shoemaker. This tells you the length of the tables you need. Cut the plates of your desired measurements.

Make hanging shoe organizer for closet, attach the brackets to L for the boards. Each board needs two L supports. Find the center of the board. Find the center of each half and secure the support at that point. Measure 3 inches above the wall. Attach the 6-inch wide board to the wall with the L bracket. Place the support L down.

Attach the 3-inch board to the 2-inch wall above the 6-inch plate. This L bracket has to be placed facing down as well. To make more hanging shoe organizer for closet, measure 5 1/2 inches up the wall between the racks. Place the racks all the way to the wall if necessary. Paint the floating shoe rack of any color you want in order to match the decoration of the room.