Charming Mirror Closet Sliding Doors

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A classic that is worth two is to install or paste mirror closet sliding doors, you will get more than one extra utility: reflect much more light and save space on the wall to hang a long mirror. You can paste separate pieces as in the photo, or opt for a complete piece. The most important thing is to make sure that you will not fall down in any case. If you have a closet with some broken glass, substitute the rest of the glass for a chicken rack.

It reminds us of the rustic kitchen furniture. And it turns out to be really nice in a classic line wardrobe. Of course, keep in mind that dust can enter the doors. An original and perfect idea for wardrobes in children’s bedrooms. You can cover the bottom of the wardrobe with the same wood or platform and give a modern and stylish touch to simple mirror closet sliding doors. It is a great solution for children’s wardrobes that tend to stain the lower area of ​​the wardrobe more easily.

In this way, you can clean it better and disguise the various spots that may appear. A smooth door, whether sliding or not, can gain a lot by adding relief. It is as easy as buying narrow wooden slats and gluing them or nailing them to mirror closet sliding doors in different shapes. Those of the rustic style usually create a large X or reduced mosaics with the same shape. For this option, it is best to find the idea that best fits your style.