Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

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Outdoor Furniture Cushions – Once the warm weather is upon us outdoor cleaning begins. Replacing your outdoor furniture can be very expensive, though with proper maintenance of your furniture the life can be prolonged. Outdoor furniture cushions in particular because of food spillage, sunlight, pollen and consistent rainfall can age cushions rapidly. Preventative measures can help keep those expensive cushions lasting longer.

Outdoor furniture cushions last longer with regular simple cleaning. Soap and water is all you typically need to keep them clean. Regularly you should brush off all loose dirt and store in shelter if possible when not being used. Monthly take a bucket of warm water and mix it with some soap detergent. Take a bristle brush and lightly scrub your cushions. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes and hose off. Make sure that when hosing off that all soap is removed and nothing left on cushions. Do not store your cushions when wet as mildew can form and a smell that becomes difficult to remove. Spills should always be spot cleaned immediately.

Each new season outdoor furniture cushions should be retreated with a fabric guard protector. Applying a protector will help in many ways. Fabric protectors will help fight mildew from growing, fight stains from spills, protect colors from fading due to the sun and help your cushions last longer. Proper maintenance and following your manufacturers suggested cleaning tips will help your furniture last longer. Cushions are expensive and shouldn’t need to be replaced with the proper cleaning. The above mentioned steps take little time and will help you enjoy your investment much longer.

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