Custom Sliding Closet Doors Remodel Bedroom

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Custom Sliding Closet Doors – Closets and closets at home are essential! They are needed in the bedroom, in the laundry room and even in the bathroom, because they keep our things in order, with everything we need at hand and well organized. If you have a closet with a dressing area, take advantage to open the walls and place sliding doors that can be open and expand the space in the bedroom.

The light and ventilation will do you a lot of good, so an aluminum and glass structure is the ideal one. There are also times when what we want is to order and keep everything in place, for these custom sliding closet doors of solid material are ideal, to run when needed and close at all times. A compressed material and white melamine are perfect. For a small closet that abuts the dresser, a pair of doors that slide to both sides can work very well.

Steel-colored aluminum marquetry and a full-body mirror will give you the perfect luminosity. To separate the sleeping area from the dressing area or study area, the closet can work as long as an elongate module is construction in the neutral color as white or combine with the design of the space. For a play area, whether it’s the children’s room or for teenagers, you can install a pair of custom sliding closet doors in wood and place a tapestry with the design of your choice.