Ideas for Add Glass Closet Doors

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Glass closet doors – Many houses have small rooms, and homeowners learn to adapt to having a small bathroom or in the bedroom. Many people spend a good part of the day in their bedroom and a small space can be frustrating. While you may not have the funds to completely remodel, there are some tricks that can make your bedroom look bigger. One of them is the replacement of heavy wooden closet doors with glass to see through an airy, expanded feel.

Ideas for add glass closet doors, measure the length and width of the wall of the furniture you are going to take out to insert the glass. Subtract 1 inch from each measurement to allow framing. Sort the glass panels of a glazier according to these dimensions. Remove the closet doors. They lay face up on a flat surface. Measure each edge and note how far from the edges of the panel you are removing begins. Turn each finished closet door. Measure each edge so that the panel starts at the front and mark this with a grease pencil.

Make a 2-inch hole in the center of each panel indicated from the back. Cut each panel with a jigsaw. Measure the length and interior width of the openings and add 2 inches to each. Sand the edges of the molding if necessary to remove splinters. Wait three hours. Line the division between the molding and the rest of the closet door with the painters tape and paint or the molding stain to match the cabinets. Let the doors dry overnight. Then for add glass closet doors, place all cabinet doors face down. Install the glass on all the doors as the first one did. Let the doors dry overnight. Reinstall doors in your cabinet.