Installing Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting

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Motion sensor outdoor lighting – Adding outdoor lighting to your property improves the appearance of your home at night, and most importantly, increases the safety and security of your property. The use of lights with motion sensors saves energy, and also means that when the lights come on, you will know that someone is on your property. If your house was built in the last twenty years, it is likely that you have lighting fixtures installed on the outside of your house already.

Installing motion sensor outdoor lighting, close the power. Make sure everyone in the house knows that they should not turn it on again until they know it is safe to do so. Find an accessory where you want to add a light, and place your ladder under it. Grab a screwdriver tension tester and then climb up. Remove the screws and lamp bulbs.

When installing motion sensor outdoor lighting, test the circuit of the fixing device with the voltage tester by inserting the end of the tester into the socket of the bulb. Make sure the tip touches the wires and be sure to test all the wires. Remove the nut cover and expose the wires once you are sure there is no power. Disconnect the cables, remove the wall mounting. Cut the cables if necessary, if necessary cut them You will also need to strip a certain insulation so you can reconnect to the new accessory.

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