Little Crazy Ideas Wooden Closet Organizer Shoes

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With the arrival of good weather, we tend to accumulate all kinds of wooden closet organizer, that if closed, open, fresh daily sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, flip flops for the beach. Endless variety that makes us a little crazy when it comes to organizing the cabinets. A good remedy is to use shoe organizers . Given that shoemakers that sell in stores are a bit expensive, what better occasion to start up original DIY projects to make our own shoemakers, to our taste and measure, and most importantly.

With very cheap materials such as, for example, pales, wooden soda boxes, pvc tubes, cardboard, plastic bottles … etc. Today we bring you a collection of ideas to create your own home shoe wooden closet organizer, in addition to optimizing space; you will also be able to decorate the room in the most comfortable way since you will always have the shoes at hand. A very original idea, besides having your shoes always at hand, decorates the room in a fun way.

For this, they have only placed shelves on the wall, from top to bottom and diagonally. If you have cardboard that you do not use, a practical idea is to create a wooden closet organizer and rack for the interior of the wardrobe with them. They can also serve the same shoe boxes, cutting one side and attaching the sides.