Makeup Closet Organizer Decor Ideas

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Makeup closet organizer – Never underestimate the value of a box. You will realize that with a little paper of your favorite color can be something great. We all have those boxes where candy or cookies came, and we no longer know what to do with them. You could take this small piece of furniture to any part of the house and fix it while you watch your favorite series. If you are a complicated zero you should get something like that. There you can put all your stuff and everything will be in order in a snap.

Any long cosmetic, for example, lip gloss, lipstick, pencils and even the hair straightener, can be stored in the cutlery makeup closet organizer. You can hide it in a drawer or in the bureau of your bedroom, the important thing is that it is the same size. In stores on the Internet you can find several utensils to store cosmetics in magnets. And if you try a bit, you can make a table on your own.

Simply cover a sheet of metal with fabric and decorate the construction with a frame; then hang it on the wall. Glue the small magnets to the bottom or your cosmetics and adhere them to the table. Decorate a simple makeup closet organizer shoe box using wrapping paper and store nail polish on it. So you can navigate faster among so many jars, do not forget to mark each one with the tone it contains. It is easy to do it using, for example, a toothpick to submerge it in the jar and paint the lid.