New Tri Fold Closet Doors

Posted on Closet Door

Often, the old classic built-in teak fronts are torn down because they do not fit our modern bright interior. But with tri fold closet doors, a little paint and roll wallpaper, you can give your old cabinets a serious face lift! You save money and not least the environment when you reuse. And then you add a nice and personal detail to your bedroom…

This made-to-measure tri fold closet doors has three panels and the central one serves as storage for the remaining two. The board has melamine cladding in two different shades distributed in 50% between oak and white. With this option of two colors can be played with the distribution. The design is pleasant with modern and minimalist air. Inspiring and serene.

Manufacturers now have new possibilities for construction of door panels without handles on the fronts, which place them in a high quality segment. The designer has given us this image that corresponds to a beautiful wardrobe completely recessed in white, elegant and impressive because of its height. Think about the size of the surfaces when choosing patterns and colors. Some wallpaper is suitable for walls, something else for smaller surfaces such as tri fold closet doors.