Refinish Small Closet Doors

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Refinishing the finish of small closet doors requires that you first get the previous finish off. If the door is painted or varnished, sanding will remove the old finish and is easier and less dirty than using a chemical remover. Sanding also opens the pores of the wood to allow the wood stain to be properly absorbed. Topping the stain with all polyurethane seals.

Ideas for refinish small closet doors, remove all metal accessories from the door, including the control unit and the hinges. Place the door on easels in a work space. Load a rotary sander with rough sandpaper and sand the entire door to remove old or finished paint. Reload the sander with medium sandpaper and repeat the sanding process to lower any residual finish. Repeat a third time with a fine sandpaper to smooth the wood. Clean all the dust. Put on rubber gloves. Brush wooden stain on the door in sections of about four square feet, laying the stain heavily and letting the pool. For each section, let it stand for a minute, then wipe off the excess with paper towels.

Polyurethane brush, on the door in a thin and smooth layer. Cover all of it, keeping the brushstrokes that go in the same direction and making sure not to let bubbles form. Let dry for eight hours. Sand the polyurethane is dried by hand, using fine sandpaper. Sand very lightly, enough to dull the shine. Dusting. Apply a second layer of polyurethane. Allow it to dry and sand in the same way as before. Apply a third layer. Let the third layer set for a day, then re-hang the small closet doors and reinstall the hardware.