Simple Louvered Bifold Closet Doors

Posted on Closet Door

Do you want to give extra use to the doors of your closet? Would you like to renew them without spending more than they cost you? You can choose to make small changes on your own, saving a lot of money and improving the appearance of your room. Louvered bifold closet doors idea can be spectacular. The procedure is as follows: look for a pretty fabric to line. Buy plywood or MDF panels to glue the fabric and screw them to the original doors. It will be more robust and stylish than ever!

If the louvered bifold closet doors draw some shape or relief. You can always choose to color the inner layer. In this case, they have play with the holes to create a larger shape that can only be seen a few meters away. The same concept can be applied to the cabinet’s reliefs. It will give a more classic and formal look to the wardrobe.

Lining with wallpaper can be sophisticated. And if not, they tell the closet of the photo, which lost its practical concept to become a real object of desire. It’s as simple as louvered bifold closet doors with oriental-inspired wallpaper and fringe hangers. That detail will give a very special touch to the wardrobe.