Simple yet Charming French Closet Doors

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If the bedroom is not too big a simple trick to give amplitude is to change french closet doors by mirrors. The reflection that this project multiplies by two the sensation of space within the room. The cabinets without doors are avant-garde in which at a glance you can find the desired garment. An intermediate option is the cabinets with translucent doors, equally indiscreet but with the separation function between bedroom and garments.

Who does not look in the mirror before leaving home? French closet doors are a good place to have one. So just dressed, you can see the result. If you do not have a mirror in the bedroom, you can buy a custom one and fix it on the door, so it will not take up space! You can also overlay moldings to the mirror to create a glass-like door, with a romantic touch.

The geometric designs provide cleanliness and order thanks to their simple and straight lines. In addition this type of cupboards usually opt for the french closet doors opening system, perfect to gain space. In addition to painting it with chalk, there are special markers for slate with which you can change the design of your door whenever you want and the stroke will be cleaner.