Spectacular Ikea Closet Doors

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We have said that there would be simple proposals and other more complicated ones. Well, this is one of the most complicated ways to decorate ikea closet doors of your cupboards. We start with completely smooth wardrobe doors that have been decorated with added wooden panels. Draw your design, transfer it to wooden sheets and cut out the pieces. Then you will have to stick them to the smooth door and paint everything to give uniformity. Do you see yourself capable of doing it? The result, without a doubt, is spectacular.

If the previous option is too complicated for you, the smooth doors can also be ornamented with moldings in a simple way. You just need the molding you like, adhesive and paint for the final finish. With the variety of moldings and 3D elements that are available, you can get unique ikea closet doors and save the step of cutting the ornaments yourself. Simple and very effective!

Leather, vinyl, burlap … you can also cover the doors of your wardrobes with fabric for a striking result. Covering them completely is a good option for damaged ikea closet doors, since they will be totally unrecognizable. Of course, we recommend that you first have some experience working with these materials. Or experience before with small surfaces!