Take Advantage of Closet Storage Cabinets

Posted on Closet Storage

No matter how many closet storage cabinets we have, it always seems that they end up falling short. Make the most of your space with these ideas. Or you check more often what you keep in your cupboards and you are methodically eliminating what you think you do not need, or you expand the storage capacity of your home.  We thought that before getting rid of your things, maybe you could use some ideas to take advantage of those dead spots that most homes have.

A wide passage area is an excellent location for auxiliary closet storage cabinets. In these cases, those with sliding doors, which do not require extra space around to open, or even folding ones, are the best option. Of course, be careful because they can create a tunnel feeling in the long corridors. To avoid this, you can combine closed high modules with other low and open ones that do not compromise the feeling of spaciousness and that, equally, can also be very practical to store shoes, leave things when you enter the house…

In fact, the removable closet storage cabinets columns are very compact elements and adaptable to any corner. In this case, it has been located in the space between the bathtub and the gap that remains in the area in which it is embedded. The sliding guide systems leave everything in sight when necessary and in a very comfortable way.